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Notare am Alstertor
Alstertor 14, 20095 Hamburg
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Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
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Real estate

House and home are at stake.

To help you feel truly at home in your new house or ensure that the sale of your property runs smoothly, we establish a sound legal framework – and one that also accounts for the unexpected.

Real estate matters often require the legal involvement of a civil law notary. The service spectrum here ranges from applications to enter or remove a right in a land register and the purchase of a house or apartment to the division of buildings into separate legal ownerships and complex project completion requirements in residential and commercial real estate. We assist our clients in any aspect thereof: we render their plans into legally sound wording, advise them of any potential legal risks and handle the process of contract completion. Accordingly, we handle much of the correspondence with courts, authorities, financing institutions, etc., offer fiduciary services to all parties and ensure that the entries in the land register records are conducted in a way to achieve legal certainty.

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